Evening Mixed Bible Study

There are a number of groups the come together as singles or couples.  Meetings take place every other Wednesday at 8pm in various homes.

  • Coaldale East
  • Coaldale North
  • Forward in Faith
  • Together in Faith

Evening Bible Study for Men

Men have an opportunity to come together to study the word of God and reflect on their roles of leadership; in their families, church and the community.  Meetings are held every other Wednesday in our church building at 8 pm.

Evening Bible Study for Women

A group of women get together Thursday evenings to study the Bible and the doctrine that flows from it.  Meetings start at 7:30 pm and members take turns hosting in their homes.  There is no babysitting provided.

Tuesday Morning Bible Study for Women

Meetings are held every week in our church building’s at 10 am. Babysitting is provided and a “Story Time” is done for the preschool age children. Women of all ages are welcome to enjoy an hour of study and reflection on God’s word.

Youth Society

Youth between the ages of 14-15 gather together after the second worship services, every other Sunday, in one of our auxiliary rooms.  There are two men from the congregation who leads the bible study and facilitates the discussion.  This group is overseen by the Parent Committee.

Young People’s Society

This group is open to all teenagers and young adults (16 years and older.)  They meet every second Sunday right after the worship services in one of our auxiliary rooms.  When the YP’s are not studying, they are taking part in fun activities, such as barbecues, soccer, skating, hockey, and the like!  There are also a number of opportunities to travel to different cities and provinces to get together for a Study Weekend. During these weekends they take part in workshops, listen to speeches, enjoy entertainment, singing, and eat meals together.