Letter circulated to the Canadian Reformed Churches – September 2017

September 26, 2017

To the Deaconry of the Supporting Churches of the Needy Free Reformed Churches of South Africa (Needy FRCSA):

“Thank you for your financial support – although a short “thank you” may seem so small, we are very blessed with your support. Please continue to pray for our congregations in South Africa”.

“Thank you” – these words we receive each time we correspond with the contact for the Free Reformed Churches in South Africa; they are so thankful for the generosity of support that they receive.

As a Committee, we have witnessed that generosity: in June, 2015, we were able to send a letter to the supporting Churches that the incoming donations had surpassed the needs of the South African budget requirements. We expect that the funds remaining in the bank will cover the needs of the 2018 budget as well. It is our expectation that in the fall of 2018, we will be asking the deacons of the supporting churches to please add the needs of the FRCSA to the collection schedule for 2019.

The Committee has had a request from several individuals that more regular information be sent out to the congregations so that this cause can be better known. To that end, we are sending a short summary of the ongoing work between the SA Church and the supporting Canadian Churches.

Again, thank you for your support for the Needy FRCSA.


2016 Report of Committee for Needy Free Reformed Churches of South Africa


The Free Reformed Churches of South Africa consists of eight congregations, three of which continue to require financial assistance.  These three congregations, which originated from mission work, are generally in poorer areas, and thus require support.  The financial assistance they receive is used to assist specifically with any shortfalls in the pastor`s stipend.

As well, their desire is that the congregations would become financially independent; and, as such, they continue to budget for a 10% decrease in foreign support each year.

Support for 2016

With thankfulness, we can report that the needs of the 2016 budget where met in abundance.  The Deputies for the Needy Churches received R218,700 (equalling $19,309 CDN).

Support for 2017

According to their budget, the South African Churches are requesting financial assistance of R190,000 (approx. $18,000 CDN) for this year.  Our committee has received sufficient donations from the supporting churches to fulfill this request.  We expect to send this money in January, 2017.

The requirements for support of the Free Reformed Churches in South Africa have been diminishing over the past couple of years, but the need is still there.  We continue to receive notes of thankfulness for the generosity of the Canadian Churches.